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Degreasing and rinsing of metallic parts using the Aspifloc TS Skimmer HP2

A video showing the Aspifloc TS skimmer in action on water

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Installing a Cardboard Procart Spray Booth filter

A video showing the installation of our Procart cardboard filters.

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Air Filter Classification and Grades

A short guide to air classification and grades from the range of filters we provide.

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Waste Water Treatment - Aspifloc 800

A short video showing the Aspifloc 800 waste water filtration system by SPCB.

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Spray Booth Filters
Spraybooth Filters

A brief outline of what a spray booth filter is, the different types of booth filter available and which filter should be used where and when.

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Treat Your Paint Flush Water
Water Separation

Save yourself a lot of time and money and maybe become just a little more environmentally friendly......

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