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The most important filtration within an enclosed spraybooth or preparation area is the filtration of the air ENTERING the booth.  This is element quite often forgotten, however filtering the air going into the booth is vital for the quality of the finished item. 

This is an absolute must with many types of booth especially spray bake ovens, bodyshops and the painting of high sheen finishes.

This white filtration media is supplied on a complete roll with a choice of 2 sizes, 1 metre or 2 metre widths.  In addition we offer several 'standard' cut sizes as you will see from the products below.  Our standard fibre is supplied with a slight tacky coating to the underside, this design is aimed to catch any dust particles that  may become dislodged due to vibration.  This is the recommended filtration media for all types of balanced booths and especially car bodyshop booths.

Benefits of Protop;

  • DIN 53438
  • M5 EN775


If you would prefer this product to be cut to your exact measurements or require a different size the please call our office or contact us.

Protop 600 Air Input Filtration 10m Length

Spray Booth Filter - Protop 600 Booth Filters with Tacky Scrim - 10m length roll with different width options

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