The IK 1.5 is a compression sprayer with a 1-litre capacity tank with a 2.5 BAR maximum spraying pressure.  This is a small sprayer and I love it.  It looks great, is tough, hardwearing and feels good to handle.  As it has a 1 litre capacity it will only weigh around 1.5kg when full. 

This may be a small sprayer but, I feel, that you are getting a unit that punches above its weight.  The sprayer is supplied with two nozzles so you have a choice of a fan or hollow cone spray patterns and I found the sprayer easy to use and filling just requires the top to be unscrewed.  This gives you a nice wide neck, which makes filling easy and the tank is marked at 0.5 and 1-litre to help you measure the contents.

The compression lever handle is incorporated into the sprayer handle which helps to keep the size of the sprayer to a minimum.  I filled the sprayer to the maximum and a mere 14 compression strokes had the unit at maximum pressure and I was ready to spray.  I really like the design of this sprayer and, I feel, you can tell that the design has been thought about.  The sprayer trigger is operated with your thumb which makes usage easy and comfortable.

Once you have finished spraying simply pull the pressure release valve and unscrew the lid.  I do have to be honest here and say that I have been using one of these IK 1.5 sprayers for over a year, for all types of chemical and I have absolutely no complaints at all; apart from unscrewing the lid.  Once the tank has been pressurised and de-pressurised the lid seems to be much tighter than when it was filled.  I always struggled with which way the lid unscrewed, that was until I wrote this review and looked at the tank properly.  If I had done this a year ago, I would have noticed the arrows showing which way to tighten and loosen the lid and saved myself lots of mumbling and complaining about the sprayer.

Our 1 litre hand compression sprayer can be used with most chemicals, as well as general products around the home & garden.

This robust and sturdy product is very popular due to its ease of use.  The sprayer has been specifically designed with the operator in mind.  As well as being simple to fill, due to the wide filling mouth, it has a protective cover for the chamber valve and a 2.5 bar safety valve, allowing fast build up and release of pressure.  This sprayer is also supplied with two nozzles, one flat and the other cone shaped, ensuring the correct application for your liquids.

  • Seals and materials resistant to most acids, solvents and chemicals most widely used in the world of industry, automotive and professional cleaning.
  • Safety valve at 2.5 bar with depressurisation option.
  • Large filling mouth.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Strong translucent tank with level indicator.
  • Protective sleeve for chamber valve.
  • Easy assembly and dismantling for maintenance, without tools.
  • Adjustable conic nozzle.
  • Possible adaptation to other types of nozzles and accessories.
Total capacity litres:1.50 litres. - 0.39 U.S. Gals.
Working capacity:1 litres. - 0.26 U.S. Gals.
LITRES/MIN. 3 BAR:0.50 l/min. - 1 pint/min.
Gross weight:0.60 Kg - 1.32 lbs.
Net weight:0.46 Kg - 1.02 lbs.
(When using very strong alkalis, we recommend our specialist alkali sprayers)

A review of this sprayer can be found in the 'Our Review' section.

Gross Weight 0.60 Kg
Litres/min.3Bar 0.50 l/min
Net Weight 0.46 Kg
Total capacity 1.5 L
Working Capacity 1 L

IK Multi Hand Sprayer - 1 litre

Range of small compression sprayers including standard, acid, alkaline & foaming models

  • £12.75

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