• Protecnet H 10 ltrs

Protecnet H 10-litres will cover approximately 150mIt is mainly used as a protective coating for floors or for ovens.

For protecting spray booth walls, we have an alternative - Protecnet

PROTECNET H is an ionised solution with 2 functions when applied to the floor or walls of a booth or oven, to control air pollution. Its unique composition ensures dust is firstly attracted to the treated areas and secondly the dust is held and stopped from circulating within air movement. It helps to control air pollution.

It can be used directly on the floor or walls of installations where dust emissions are a problem e.g. spray booths, in which air movement will displace dust originating from vehicles, preparation and storage areas, paint-shops, printers etc. PROTECNET H can also be used to protect electronic machines and tools.

- water soluble
- contains no silicone
- non toxic
- non flammable
- dry so can be used on floors
- heat resistant so can be used in ovens up to 100°C


Protecnet H 10 ltrs

Electrostatic ionised protective coating for ovens and floors. Attract dust and overspray to where you want it.

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