• Propora  20-mtr x 50mm

As we are all using more & more water-based paint it has become obvious that it doesn't react in the same way with many types of filtration media.  As water-based paint can consists of 10% solvent and 90% water, the solvent vaporizes during the spraying process leving the very fine and dry particles that need to be filtered efficiently.

Our PROPORA is a filtermedia especially designed for the filtration of these fine, dry water-based particles.  In comparison to our PROFIBRE, the PROPORA is constructed of much finer fibres that are more able to filter the finest water-based paint particles far more efficiently. A special binder, gives more elasticity to these fibres, so that the initial pressure drop and consequently your energy costs are kept low.  The holding-capacity is also substantially increased by the progressive structure of the media and by a harmless binding-agent that is impregnated throughout the filtermedia.


The benefits of Propora;

  •  Effective protection of the motor as well as the exhaust ducts.
  •  Low pressure drop produces cost savings due to a solid stability of the filtermedia.
  •  Extremely long service life, increasing your profits and reducing your down-time and waste.

Propora is suitable for exhaust air filtration of very fine, dry water-based paint overspray within spray booths.

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Propora 20-mtr x 50mm

High Quality 2" Fibreglass Roll for water based paints

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