• Extension lance for use with all of our compression sprayers, knapsack sprayers and backpack sprayers

This additional 500mm fibreglass sprayer extension can be used with all of our knapsack & backpack sprayers as well as our full range of compression sprayers.

Designed to increase the reach of your spray, it will work with all our sprayers and it is possible to join two of these lances together to provide over 1m extra reach.

Sprayer Lance Extension 0.5m

Sprayer extension - 500mm spray lances for use with our knapsack sprayers, backpack sprayers and compression sprayers.

  • £4.50

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Sprayer Extension Lance - 1.5 metre

Sprayer Extension Lance - 1.5 metre

Aluminium extension lance of 1.5 metre for our Goizper knapsack, backpack and compression sprayers. ..


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