Booth Chemicals

We have both the products and expertise in the field of waste water treatment. 

Our expertise allows us to offer you the correct technical assistance in odrer to make the recycling of your industrial waterwater a low cost and low effort exercise.

  • With our denaturant products you can say goodbye to the regular pumping of your spraybooth.  Our products will enable you to treat the water so that ALL of the paint sludge can be removed, saving you cost and production downtime.
  • The same principle is applied to the wastewater that gradually builds-up when flushing paint lines and cleaning sprayguns.  This water can be treated and filtered, again, saving you time and money.
  • Descaling is very important and we have products that can clean pipes, pumps, tanks, baffles and fans of hard paint, oil or scale.  This will ensure the proper running of a spraybooth, degreasing plant or heating circuits.
  • We also supply equipment and plant that can make cleaning or filtering processes quick and easy.

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