• Detartrol NM - 35kg

Non foaming version of Detartrol for use in fast flowing installations or where foaming is historically a problem.DETARTROL is our professional descaling product that will soften all paint held within a spraybooth, making it easy to remove and clean.  Simply add Detartrol to your spraybooth water (2 - 4% concentration) and allow it to circulate for 24 - 30 hours (this can be spread across 2 - 3 working days/shifts).  This means that the booth can continue to be used, whilst cleaning has taken place.  


Detratrol is a liquid and flows around the booth system, it becomes attached to the paint within your pump, pipes, nozzels and tank therefore everywhere is being cleaned.  After 2-3 days the water should be removed, the booth rinsed, pipes flushed, nozzles wiped and then the system re-filled with fresh water.

Detartrol NM - 35kg

Detartrol NM - 35kg - non foaming version of Detartrol

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