• Detartrol TS

Detartrol TS has been formulated for the TOTAL descale of industrial degreasing installations, softening all scale and oil deposits. DETARTROL is our professional descaling product that will soften all paint held within a spraybooth, making it easy to remove and clean.  Simply add Detartrol to your spraybooth water (2 - 4% concentration) and allow it to circulate for 24 - 30 hours (this can be spread across 2 - 3 working days/shifts).  This means that the booth can continue to be used, whilst cleaning is taking place.  


Detratrol is a liquid and flows around the booth system, it becomes attached to the paint within your pump, pipes, nozzels and tank therefore everywhere is being cleaned.  After 2-3 days the water should be removed, the booth rinsed, pipes flushed, nozzles wiped and then the system re-filled with fresh water.

Detartrol TS

Detartrol TS -  scale removal and softening.

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