• ECO-Klean 100

ECO-Klean 100 is a versatile detergent for industrial cleaning and degreasing both within the factory environment but also on exterior surfaces.  It contains a highly effective surfactant that operates very well at room temperature and is registered with both Ecocert and Ecolabel as it is biodegradable and conforms to their strict criteria for 'eco-friendly' products.

Once applied ECO-Klean 100 has high wetting and penetrating power.  It emulsifies animal fats, vegetable fat and oil and is permitted to be used for cleaning containers and surfaces that are in contact with food.  It is also safe to use on non-ferrous metals.

INDUSTRY - Degreasing machines, tools, walls and floors of workshops.
CONSTRUCTION - Washing soiled building facade & roof and removing pollution staining.
TRANSPORT - Wash both flat-bed and container trailers, fridge trailers and crates.
FOOD - Washing floors & ceilings in food preparation areas.

ECO-Klean 100 can be applied with either a brush or pressure washer.  The working concentration depends upon the method of application so varies between 5% and 50% in water.

ECO-Klean 100

Industrial Surface Cleaner

Eco Friendly approved for Food Areas

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