Why is this sprayer suitable for spraying alkaline products?

The seals on our Cleaner sprayer are made from EPDM which can withstand high alkaline (base) solutions.  Having said this, we still recommend cleaning your sprayer after every use and rinsing the seals in clean water after every few months of use.

Can I use your long telescopic lances with the Cleaner sprayer?

You can but we recommend not using the long telescopic lances with our Cleaner sprayers as the lances are not designed to be used with high acid or alkaline solutions.

Cleaner Range

Compression sprayer with plastic tank and an optional foaming nozzle for different applications - EPDM seals are suitable for neutral solutions and alkaline solutions such as cleaners for longer durability.

Filling contents:                        5l       10 l
Total contents:                          8l      12.5 l
Operating pressure:                3 bar (44 psi)
Weight when empty:            2.6kg    2.9 kg
Device description:

• Tank: Plastic, with large pressure reservoir
• Carried at the side
• Seals: EPDM
• Nozzle: Plastic flat jet nozzle
• Spray wand: Plastic 50 cm, 360° rotatable
• Hose: 2.0 m (6.56 ft)
• Ergonomically formed shut-off valve with fine filter

Special features of the product:
• Professional pump
• Large filling funnel
• With specially coated spring
• Application: pH 7 - 14

Accessories available:

Plastic Foam Nozzle, Narrow Full Cone
Plastic extension lance 45cm
Padded back carrying straps
Transport cart trolley


Hose 2.0 m
Maximum Flow
Maximum Operating Pressure 3 bar (44 psi)
Nozzle Plastic flat jet nozzle
Seals EPDM
Tank Construction Material Polyethylene
Unit Height
Unit Weight
Working Capacity 5 / 10 litres
Connector Required for Telescopic Lance N/A

Cleaner Compression Sprayer (EPDM) - Neutral - Alkaline

Versatile compression sprayer - specially designed for alkaline and neutral solutions with foaming option - 5, 10 litres

  • Brand: Mesto Sprayers
  • Product Code: AM:SP:UN-1263-0001
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £79.00

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