Having used this brush for many different jobs (not just on timber) I have always found it to be very dependable and it is extremely good at removing growth and dirt from various surfaces.  This wire broom is especially good when you want the extra power that wire bristles will give you but not too much so that damage could be caused.  It is for this reason that this broom is recommended for use on timber surfaces as the long 70mm bristles have good flexibility so can do some hard work but, at the same time, are a little gentler than some of the other wire products within our range.

The broom head and handle are supplied separately but assembly is quite easy.  I have always found it better to push the handle into the head then tap (you can be quite rough with this part if you wish) the handle on the floor whilst holding the head.  This should locate the handle fully into the head.  You may need to 'sand' the handle to reduce the size so it fits into the hole.  As an alternative, you can drill the head and put a screw through the handle.  This is the best option if you are going to do some very heavy duty sweeping.  If you want to do this then, before fitting the handle, you will see a small 'guide' hole at the end of the broom head hole.  Drill a small hole, following this guide, through the head.  Fit the handle to the head, tap it into place and then put a thin screw through the head and into the handle.

A decking wire brush should be able to handle some rough use and some heavy duty cleaning. Our decking wire brushes ticks both boxes.

Our decking wire brushes are designed for the cleaning of smaller areas, for example areas of timber decking, as opposed to our WIRE BROOM that will handle the very largest of areas.  The 1219 x 24mm wooden handle gives very good stability and strength to the 140mm x 60mm raised wooden stock and gives the 60mm, 0.5mm round brass coated, steel wire bristles a stable base to handle some very tough brushing.  This weed brush is ideal for sweeping timber decking and removing weeds and moss from driveways and blockwork patios and many other surfaces that require some good scrubbing.  It is especially good for clearing Tarmac surfaces and removing moss prior to treatment.

Requires assembly

Deck Broom Wire

Our TIMBER DECKING WIRE BRUSH will certainly make the removal of weeds & moss quick and easy.

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