Technical information

Welcome to our Technical Information section where you will find various articles and guides intended to assist you with either the choice of SPCB products or answer any technical questions you may have when using our products. You will also find some articles written to explain what some of our product ranges do and how they can benefit your production process.

This section is designed to give you information based around the technical aspects of our product ranges. Our News & Articles section is just that, it will show articles of a more general nature; information on new products and services as well as the development of existing ranges.

Degreasing and rinsing of metallic parts using the Aspifloc TS Skimmer HP2

A video showing the Aspifloc TS skimmer in action on water

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Installing a Cardboard Procart Spray Booth filter

A video showing the installation of our Procart cardboard filters.

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Air Filter Classification and Grades

A short guide to air classification and grades from the range of filters we provide.

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Waste Water Treatment - Aspifloc 800

A short video showing the Aspifloc 800 waste water filtration system by SPCB.

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Recycle Industrial Flushing Water

Cleaning spray guns and paint lines is very important but it does create an issue, what to do with the dirty water?

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Remove Paint From Your Wet Spraybooth

Keeping your spray booth clean need not be a process to be feared. Remove all of the paint sludge and keep the water clean and booth running smoothly.

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The Advantages of Treating Spray Booth Water for Recycling

Video: Keep your paint spray booth water clean by using Proco and Proflo from SPCB UK. The dirty waste water is treated and filtered.

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