• pleated cartridge panel filters

Pleated Panels - Finepleat M5 - 12 x 12 x 4 inch (12 pack) - app 287 x 287 x 95 mm

12 pack of pleated panels measuring 292mm x 292mm x 95mm. Finepleat for higher filtration to M5 (see spray booth filter classification on separate tab)

These panels are designed to filter the air ENTERING your spraying areas but can also be used as secondary extraction filters.

Made from Polypropylene media these filters are DURABLE and ANTIMICROBIAL.
Being HYDROPHOBIC these filters are ideal for high humidity or damp situations as they will not load with moisture.
These filters are sealed into either galvanised or plastic frames using a polyurethane seal
• Galvanised frames 20mm, 45mm and 95mm deep
• Plastic frames at 48mm and 96mm Deep
Face seals or grills are available as optional extras on request

Classified M6 to EN779:2012

Pleated Panels - Finepleat M6 - 12x12x4 inch (12 pack) - app 287x287x95 mm

Pleated Panels - Finepleat M6 - 12x12x4 inch (12 pack) - app 287x287x95 mm - in a galvanised or plastic frame

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Tags: Pleated Panels 12 x 12 x 4 inch (12 pack) - app 292 x 292 x 95 mm

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