Will this sprayer make any liquid foam?

No. The product that you are spraying has be able to be 'foamed' so just filling the tank with water will not produce foamy water when the sprayer is used however put something into the water, such as a specialist cleaning chemical, and foam will be produced.

Is there any benefit to using a foaming sprayer?

There can be benefits especially for some cleaning solutions.  Many fabric cleaners are designed to be applied as a foam and if applying to a vertical area the foam will stay in place far longer than a liquid which will run down the surface very quickly.


Compression sprayer 8 litre with plastic tank.

Device description:

• Tank: Plastic, with large pressure reservoir
• Carried at the side
• Seals: FPM
• Nozzle: Special plastic nozzle

Special features of the product:
• Specially coated piston rod

Accessories available:
• Transport cart trolley

For foaming agents. Generates – due to liquid – a dry, long adherent foam in a wide area.

Lance Plastic
Maximum Flow
Maximum Operating Pressure 3 BAR (44 psi)
Nozzle Foaming plastic nozzle
Seals FPM (strong acid, hydrocarbons, oil, grease, aromatic & chlorinated solvents)
Tank Construction Material Polyethylene
Unit Height
Unit Weight 2.8 kg
Working Capacity 8 litre
Connector Required for Telescopic Lance N/A

Compression Foamer Sprayer - 8 litre

Quality 8 litre foaming compression sprayer for foaming agents

  • Brand: Mesto Sprayers
  • Product Code: AM:SP:UN-1351-0001
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  • £80.00

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