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Degrephos has been designed for 'no nonsense' degreasing and phosphate of steel or light alloys.  It can be used in a number of ways at different temperatures and at different concentrations.  It is a product that makes degreasing & phosphate easy.

Degrephos eliminates surface rust on steel, degreases and phosphates. It is non flammable and can be used by soak, spray or applied by pressure washer.  It can be used at ambient temperatures and at low concentrations.  It is an excellent product choice for the pre-treatment of large parts that are unable to be contained within a traditional degreasing machine or tunnel.

Degrephos allows customers to treat a wide variety of parts at a very low 'set-up' and continuing treatment cost.

An added benefit to using this product is that the solution can be collected and recycled via our ASPIFLOC TS-HP filtration unit, so reducing the use of water and chemicals - vast economical and ecological benefits!

-- Use by soak in a water tank at a concentration of 3 - 10 % of product for between 8 minutes (at 10%) and 15 minutes (at 3%).  

-- Use by high pressure by making a solution 15 to 25 % in equipment tank.  Regulate to obtain at nozzle exit a concentration 1 to 1.2 % or pH 2.9 to 3.6. Parts treated can be dried in air or steam.


Degrephos - metal PHOSPHATE

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