Welcome to the category selection page for our range of spray booth filters. As you can see, we have split our filtration products into three main categories; Extraction Filters, Air Input Filtration and Panel Filters in which you will find our Procart filters, fibre rolls and many types of different panels.

Our Procart range gives the very best selection of extraction filters meaning you will be able to match filtration quality and airflow to suit your particular booth. You will no longer have to accept second best. You can now have high quality filters that give superb filtration and work, with you, to maintain airflow and all for the very best prices. Coupled with this, if you need assistance with the selection of the right filters then we are here to help.

Our range of fibre rolls offer different filtration levels to match the different areas in which they can be used. Our Proprep and Promedia can be used as secondary extraction filters as well as input filtration whilst our Protop is the very highest quality filter to ensure that only clean air enters a spray booth or product preparation area.

Panel filters come in many different sizes and different media, again, to suit the filtration that you require. Fibreglass and pleated panels can be used for the air entering or leaving an area whilst our Pleated Carbon Panels are used to remove odours and our Bonded Carbon Panels will remove not only smells but other chemical particulates as the air passes through them.

We hope that you can find the filter that you require but we do realise that there are quite a few to choose from so if you want some help or further information then just let us know. You can call us, use our Contact Us page or Chat facility.