Spray Booth Filters, Extraction Filters

Our unique range of extraction filters are designed not just for use in spray booths but all types of product preparation areas. Our range includes our PROCART B, PROCART H, PROCART M2 PROCART I, PROCART K & PROCART KH booth filters as well as our Profibre, Propora and Progiallo paint-stop filtration rolls.

This extensive range means that you will never have to just make do with a filter. Instead, you can be sure that you are using the most suited filter giving the best filtration possible and allowing your booth to work at its maximum.

If you are currently using paint-stop rolls, and wish to try something different, then out Procart K and Procart KH have been designed as replacements. Higher paint holding capacity means less frequent changes, the design gives better filtration, the material gives an easier and more comfortable product to handle and, overall, you will see a cost saving.

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for then please call us or send a message via our CONTACT US page.

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Roll Width

Price Range

£0·00 to £68·00
Procart B

White, concertina cardboard spray booth filter with superior build quality and high paint holding capacity.

Procart H

High efficiency cardboard spray booth filter with additional fibre backing and increased paint holding capacity.

Procart M2

Spray booth filter with extra high efficiency filtration and smooth extraction airflow pattern

Procart IB

Spray booth filter with non-flammable coating for your spray booth or product preperation area.

Procart K

Multiple layers of woven paper. Direct alternative to paint-stop rolls and with a higher paint holding capacity.

Procart KH

Multiple layers of woven paper plus a fibre layer. Higher paint holding capacity than fibreglass paint-stop so lasts longer and filters better.

Profibre 20-mtr x 50mm

2" spray booth filter, green & white fibreglass filtration roll

Profibre 20-mtr x 100mm

Spray booth filter roll - 4" (100mm) green & white fibreglass filter

Propora 20mtr x 50mm

2" purple & white spray booth fibreglass filter roll- for water based paints

Progiallo 20mtr x 50mm

Impregnated fibreglass filtration roll for the capture and holding of coarse dust particles

Proprep - 20 metre roll

Roll of blue & white roll of synthetic filter for both air extraction and input. Available in a range of sizes.