Panel Filters

We have a full range of spray booth panel filters in all sizes. You can select the type of panel you require as well as the size from the large selection available however, we will make panels to your own dimensions if you can't see the measurements you require. To enquire about a special size or just to ask us for advice or for further information about the right spray booth filter for you please just call us or send us a message via our CONTACT US page.

Glass Fibre Panel

Oiled fibre within a cardboard frame. Large range of sizes available.

Pleated Panels G4

Standard pleated panels for the filtering of air entering or leaving a spray booth or product preparation area.

Pleated Carbon Panel Filter

G4 Pleated Carbon Spray Booth Filter

Gold M5 Pleated Panels

Gold Performance M5 (higher filtration) Spray booth PLEATED PANELS

Finepleat Panels

Polypropylene panel filters with a galvanised frame. Durable and ideal for high humidity areas as they will not load with moisture.

Bonded Carbon Panels

Extraction panels for the finest filtration.

Galvanised Pleated Filter500

Pleated panel air filters fitted within a galvanised metal frame.