Degrease and etch light alloy surfaces such as aluminium.

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Total £27·60 exc VAT
Total £33·12 inc VAT

ALUPRET is an effective product for degreasing and etching light alloy surfaces, ferrous and galvanised metals to ensure a clean surface and good paint adhesion. Diluted in water and used at a range of temperatures, using Alupret allows you to adapt treatment to suit your manufacturing process.

  • Appearance : Liquid
  • Concentration : 40 to 50 % in water
  • Contact time : 20 to 60 minutes according to temperature
  • Use : spray - brush - soak
  • Finish : rinse after treatment

What can I do with the water that I use to rinse the surface?

The best thing is to re-use the water. This reduces waste and, potentially, saves you money. Once the water has been used to rinse a treated surface it will contain a percentage of Alupret so use this water to make up your next batch of Alupret treatment solution.

What is the best application method?

It is hard to say which method of application is best for Alupret as it can be applied in several ways. If you only have a small number of items to treat or have some very large pieces, then wiping or spraying onto the surface and rinsing by hand is very cost effective. If, however, you have smaller pieces then dipping into a tank of Alupret solution would be an effective method. If you would like any assistance with using Alupret then please call us or send us a message via our CONTACT US page.