Proprep - 20 metre roll

Roll of blue & white roll of synthetic filter for both air extraction and input. Available in a range of sizes.

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Each £39·18 exc VAT
Total £39·18 exc VAT
Total £47·02 inc VAT

A synthetic fibre, supplied on a roll, for the filtration of air being extracted from your spray booth or preparation area or can be used to filter the air entering an area normally when Protop provides too much airflow resistance.

Proprep consists of two layers of fibre; an initial filtration (white layer) followed by second layer (coloured blue) that provides further increased filtration thus providing progressive filtration and maintaining airflow. This is G4 grade media.

This product should always be fitted with the white layer facing the direction of airflow.

Is this media easy to cut?

Yes. Proprep is easy to cut with either scissors or a knife.

If I don't need a whole roll, can I buy a smaller piece?

You certainly don't need to buy a whole roll. Whilst it is far more cost effective to buy Promedia as a standard roll we can cut special size pads for you.

Can I use this as a secondary filter?

Proprep is quite commonly used as a secondary filter normally behind a fibreglass media such as our Profibre. Whilst this is an effective form of filtration it is more costly and not, generally, as effective as using either our Procart K or one of our cardboard extraction filters such as the Procart H.