Bonded Carbon Panels

Extraction panels for the finest filtration.

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Each £59·26 exc VAT
Total £59·26 exc VAT

Carbon filter panel designed for the finest of air filtration. Our Bonded Activated Carbon Panels are designed to remove vapour/smell and the finest of particles from your air extraction. For use in a wide variety of air purification, vapour phase applications and for odour reduction, for example in catering establishments and commercial food preparation.

These panels are housed in an galvanised frame for both ease of use and the added security that your panel is well protected. They are manufactured for ease of installation and incorporation into ducted air systems. They can be used as supply for purifying incoming air, and also as extraction to remove toxic gasses and odours generated within a process.

26-50mm Standard Grade ACS , 50% CTC Rating. Benzene Rating 32%.

Carbon Panel 24x24x2