Procart B

White, concertina cardboard spray booth filter giving superior build quality, high paint holding capacity and improved constant airflow

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Total £19·10 exc VAT

Our PROCART B spray booth filter enjoys a superior quality of manufacture which makes it ideal for using with most paint types and within most types of spray booth.

The folded 'accordion' design, of our spray booth filter, ensures a high paint holding capacity whilst maintaining maximum airflow for much longer than many types of air filtration alternatives such as fibreglass rolls. Our spray booth filters will ensure that air, from your product finishing area, is filtered effectively.

This Procart spray booth filter is designed to filter all types of water and solvent based paints and other types of coating but not powder paints or dust (for this we recommend the use of our Procart M2, Procart H or Procart HS booth filters). Your paint overspray is captured on both on the face of the filter and within the folds allowing the filtered air to pass through with minimal obstruction until the filter is full, thus a constant airflow is maintained for much longer than using other types of extraction filtration.

If you are looking to spray powder or very dry or dusty paints or feel that your spray booth may suffer from a high percentage of overspray or you are experiencing problems with dust or paint travelling through your ducting and ending up outside of your factory then you may want to look at the other options within our Filtration range or feel free to call us on 01673 895130 or email us for further assistance.

  • DEPTH: 55mm
  • PRESSURE DROP: 13 PA at 0.5 m/s
  • LOSS OF AIRSPEED AT NEW: 0.5mm for 0.75 m/s (4.91 PA)
  • PAINT HOLDING CAPACITY: up to 18kg/m2 (depending upon type of paint being used)
  • MAXIMUM LOSS OF AIRSPEED: 9.0mm for 0.75 m/s (88.3 PA)
  • DIMENSIONS: 0.9 x 9.2-metres

Can I use this filter with powder paints?

We wouldn't recommend using the Procart B with powder paints as it isn't designed to capture the very fine, dry powder without modifications. If you are using solely powder paint or most of your spraying is with powder paint, then we would recommend using our Procart M2 filter. If most of your spraying is with traditional 'wet' spray and you may do a little spraying with powder, then the Procart M2 can still be used or our Procart H or Procart HS.

How do I know how much filter to put into my booth?

The Procart B should be fitted at a minimum of 26 folds per meter. This means that if your booth measures 2-metres wide then you would need to count 2 x 26 (52 folds) folds plus a couple of extra folds to hold the filter at each end. However, don't feel that you must stick to 26 folds regardless. 26 folds is a minimum and can be increased to allow for individual circumstances such as a very high airflow.

Which side is the front?

The white side is the front of the filter. This means that the white side should face into your spray booth and this is the side onto which you spray.

How long will a Procart filter last?

A Procart will last until it fills up and needs to be changed so the more you use the filter then the quicker it will need to be changed. This may sound obvious, but many people seem to struggle with the concept that the Procart is in place to capture overspray and the more it captures then then the sooner it will need to be changed.

How many filters are in a box?

You are getting one length of filter per box which you then cut to the size of your booth. Cutting is easy, just count the number of folds that you want and use a sharp knife to cut to length.

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