Elasticote TR 10 kg

Clear solvent based protective peelable protective coating

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Each £130·20 exc VAT
Total £130·20 exc VAT

ELASTICOTE TR is solvent based and a clear, peelable protective coating. It has many uses including the protection of surfaces such as glass, windows, lights or areas within spray booths or other product preparation areas.

It can be used for the protection of mechanical parts during handling or machining or for applying masks or templates to surfaces prior to paint. It is often used too for protection of parts during transport. It has very good flexibility so can withstand stamping or bending.

Each litre covers 3m2 per litre/kg and takes approximately 20 minutes to dry. Can be applied by spray gun, brush or roller.

Do I have to apply Elasticote TR with a sprayer?

You can apply Elasticote TR with a sprayer, brush or a roller but, we feel that the best results, and coverage, is obtained when Elasticote TR is sprayed. Spraying is quite often the better way to apply solvent-based products and we recommend this method of application for Elasticote as well.

How am I best to clean my sprayer after applying Elasticote TR?

As Elasticote TR is a solvent based product you can use a solvent based cleaner. We have a specialist cleaner PROCLEAN that is a water-based product that can clean solvent & water-based products. It is also used in very small quantities so a very attractive product for both high and low volume sprayers.

Is it better to use Elasticote TR, Elasticote or Elasticote AQ for my walls?

Elasticote AQ is a water-based coating so you are always better to use this rather than the solvent-based Elasticote or Elasticoote TR. However, this does depend on the surface to which you are planning to apply the product to. If you have galvanised surfaces, then you must use Elasticote for a ghost coat as Elasticote AQ will stick to the surface and be hard to remove. So, apply a barrier layer (a very thin coat) of Elasticote then use the Elasticote AQ for subsequent layers. For almost every other surface the Elasticote AQ would be the better product to use.