Pronet TS4 20-litre

Detergent additive for both acidic and alkaline degreasing solutions.

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Each £72·00 exc VAT
Total £72·00 exc VAT

PRONET TS4 is a non-foaming detergent that is designed to reinforce the degreasing power of our phosphate pre-treatment products such as Netphos HP and Netphos TS4. It can be used with many different application methods including high pressure spray, dip tanks and degreasing treatment tunnels.

  • Appearance - clear liquid
  • pH at 1% - 7.0
  • Density at 20oC - 1.02

Usage Directions:

  • Concentration - 0.3% - 1% if used in a tank with no other products
  • if used with other products then concentration depends upon products used
  • Temperature - 40oC - 100oC
  • Treatment Time - 5 - 30 seconds