Protecnet H 10 ltrs

Clear electrostatic protective coating for surfaces within spray booths, ovens and any other area where dust is a problem.

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Protecnet H is an ionised rotective coating that will both attract and hold dust thus stopping it from circulating within air movement.

Once applied to a surface, Protecnet H will dry thus eliminating the possibility of cross contaimination which can be an issue with many wet or tacky protective coatings. This means that Protecnet H is the ideal product for use on surfaces where people may brush over it such as corridors and other walkways.

  • Water Soluble
  • Contains no silicone
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Dries so ideal for use on floors
  • Heat resistant up to 100oC

With its heat resistance, Protecnet H can be used both within ovens and around the doors of ovens.

What is the difference between Protecnet & Protecnet H?

Both Protecnet products are designed to attract and hold dust or overspray from areas where it is not wanted, they just do it in different ways. Protecnet is a tacky coating meaning that it doesn't dry, it is therefore thicker and can hold more dust. It is very good for use in areas that are subject to very high levels of contamination such as around spray booth filters. However, Protecnet is a tacky coating so it stays wet to the touch and this is where Protecnet H differs as it dries upon a surface. This does mean that it will not have the holding capacity of Protecnet, but it can be used in many more situations and does not have the potential of cross contamination.

How is Protecnet H best applied?

As it is a water-based product, Protecnet H can be effectively applied with either a brush, roller or sprayer. The best method really depends upon the type and size of area to which you are applying it. For most surfaces spraying is a good option as it is quick, and a smooth application can be made. Protecnet H can be used with any of the units within our sprayer range.