HEPA Laminar Flow Filters

HEPA filter with metal case. Made to order. Custom sizes available.

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Each £155·49 exc VAT
Total £155·49 exc VAT
Total £186·59 inc VAT

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters have high filtration ability causing air to be close to sterile. Panel HEPA filters can be used in safety cabinets, cleanrooms and terminal filters to prevent contamination. Laminar flow HEPA are also widely used for mushroom cultivation to prevent infection and contamination to the vulnerable young plants.

Designed for the highest efficiency of air filtration through microfine glass fibres forming a paper-like surface which traps impurities and removes them from air circulation. They are suitable for the pharmaceutical and electronic industries as they are designed to trap dust, dirt, fungi, bacteria and viruses, creating air as good as sterilised.

Please note that these HEPA filters are made to order and can take approximately 3 - 4 weeks. Please enquire for alternative sizes. We can supply all sizes and depths.

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