Procart H

High efficiency cardboard spray booth filter with additional fibre backing and increased paint holding capacity.

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PROCART H is a spray booth filter that has an additional filtration layer attached to the back of the filter to increase the filtration quality from our standard Procart B.

As a high efficiency spray booth filter, the Procart H is designed to work with both water-based & solvent paints as well as powder paints and even dust. The additional filtration layer also helps if your spray booth has a higher than recommended air speed or if you are unable to spray the recommended distance from the filter.

Being of the same basic design as our standard Procart spray booth filter filter, the paint overspray is captured in the same way but with the added benefit of the secondary layer. This will capture and hold paint or dust particles that are either too light or dry to be captured in the main body of the filter.

Our Procart H filter is the ideal option if you have a higher than normal airflow, use dry/dusty paint, use a mixture of wet and powder paints or have to achieve a very high filtration quality due to certain exterior restrictions.

  • DEPTH: 57mm
  • PRESSURE DROP: 13 PA at 0.5 m/s
  • LOSS OF AIRSPEED AT NEW: 0.5mm for 0.75 m/s (4.91 PA)
  • MAXIMUM LOSS OF AIRSPEED: 9.0mm for 0.75 m/s (88.3 PA)
  • DIMENSIONS: 0.9 x 9.0-metres

How do I know how much filter to put into my booth?

Our Procart H should be fitted at a minimum of 26 folds per meter. This means that if your booth measures 2-metres wide then you would need to count 2 x 26 folds (52 folds) plus a couple of extra couple of folds to hold the filter at each end. However, don't feel that you must stick to 26 folds regardless. 26 folds per metre is a minimum and can be increased to allow for individual circumstances such as a very high airflow.

You mention a maximum airflow, what is it?

The recommended maximum airflow is 1-metre per second (m/s). If your airflow is higher than this then it doesn't mean that you can't use the filter but it does mean that you may have to make some slight changes to ensure you have the best filtration quality. The easiest change to make is to increase the number of folds per metre. Even a small increase of 2 or 3 folds per meter will make a noticeable difference.

How do I measure the airflow?

You can buy an anemometer which will give you an accurate reading. If you don't have an anemometer there are a couple of 'homemade' methods to tell if your airflow is too fast. One method is once the filters have been installed, turn on the fan and stand with your back to the filters. Once the air has settled you should feel a very slight temperature drop and draft on your face. You shouldn't find yourself stuck to the filters. If this happens then the airflow is a little on the high side.

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