Promousse Anti Foam

Liquid de-foamer to kill foaming and bubbles in industrial waters and many other applications.

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Promousse is a silicone free de-foaming liquid designed for industrial waters. It will eliminate foam and bubbles from all types of industrial installation especially within paint spray booths.

Promousse does not contain silicone so is ideal for paint spraying and other preparation areas where surface contamination with oils could, potentially, cause issues with the quality of the final finish.

As Promousse is a liquid it is very easy to mix with the foaming water therefore it is very fast to act. A standard dosage for a spray booth would be approximately 30ml per 1000-litres of booth water. When dosing industrial water installations we recommend making a single small addition and monitoring the water for a few minutes then making additional additions if required.

This is a very high concentrate that is therefore very economical.

Available in both 1-litre, 5-litre and 10-litre containers.

How much Promousse should I add to my spraybooth?

Promousse is a very economical product meaning that a little goes a very long way. Whilst you do not need to be exact with your additions you would be looking to add around 30ml, per dose, to a 1000-litre capacity booth. The size of the dose is dependent upon the amount of foam so if you have very thick foam forming or the water within your booth is very turbulent a larger addition may be required.

How often do I need to add Promousse?

You should only make additions when you need to. We do not recommend adding Promousse to your water until foaming becomes an issue with the operation of the booth.

How does Promousse kill the foam?

Promousse works by creating a film across the surface of the water and it is this film that stops the creation of new foam. If adding to an industrial installation then making your additions in an turbulent area or beside a pump inlet will allow the Promousse to be mixed properly thus allowing it to be at its most potent.

Can I use Promousse in any other types of water?

You can use Promousse in any water that isn't set for human consumption. If the water is in contact with any type of finished surface then we recommend undertaking a patch test. If you are unsure about your proposed application then just contact us and we can confirm the suitability.