Detartrol - 10kg

Spraybooth cleaning, limescale removal and hard paint removal. Choice of container size available.

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DETARTROL is our powerful descaling product to make the cleaning of your wet spray booth an easy and cost-effective process.

Detartrol is easy to use, simply add it to the booth water and allow it to work. The solution should be allowed to circulate for 24-30 hours but this can be spread across working shifts. Once complete the booth water and paint sludge should be removed and don't forget to clean the spray nozzles. Once clear of sludge, the system should be rinsed and flushed with clean water before being filled ready for use.

Having been cleaned you will notice not only the obvious such as clean back screens and tank but also an improved water pressure as the Detartrol will have softened and removed paint that, over time, has built-up within the system. This has reduced the water pressure and increased down-time through blockages and breakdowns.

Detartrol is designed to be used with our Proco range of booth coagulants that will allow your booth to be kept clear of paint build-up by allowing you to remove paint on a regular basis to suit your requirements.

  • Working Concentration: 2 - 4%
  • Appearance: Clear liquid
  • Contact Time: 24-30 hours
  • pH: Very acidic
  • Container Size: 10 / 23kg

Can I really use my booth with Detartrol in it?

Yes. Detartrol will not have any detrimental effect upon your booth operation which should affect your work during the cleaning process. The only thing that you may find is that, initially, the booth water may produce foam which can be easily treated with an addition of our foam suppressant. Other than that, the booth can be used as normal.

Why do I need to flush the booth before filling it?

Detartrol is a very effective and powerful product that, if not removed from the system, will potentially affect the way that our Proco range of products operate. Also, it is a strong acidic product and you want your booth water to be as 'neutral' as possible. This is why we recommend cleaning the booth of all sludge, rinse the surfaces and flush all pipes and nozzles before refilling.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Not really as we have covered the main points. Whilst the cleaning solution is pumping around the system it will be softening paint and scale build-up. You may find that this will block small areas such as nozzles so be aware of this during the cleaning process.