Degreasing and phosphate of steel or light alloys in a tank or by pressure washer. Can be used at ambient temperature.

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Degrephos has been designed for 'no nonsense' degreasing and phosphate of steel or light alloys. It can be used in a number of ways at different temperatures and at different concentrations. It is a product that makes degreasing & phosphate easy.

Degrephos eliminates surface rust on steel, degreases and phosphates. It is non flammable and can be used by soak, spray or applied by pressure washer. It can be used at ambient temperatures and at low concentrations. It is an excellent product choice for the pre-treatment of large parts that are unable to be contained within a traditional degreasing machine or tunnel.

Degrephos allows customers to treat a wide variety of parts at a very low 'set-up' and continuing treatment cost.

An added benefit to using this product is that the solution can be collected and recycled via our ASPIFLOC TS-HP filtration unit, so reducing the use of water and chemicals - vast economical and ecological benefits!

When used in a tank - Degrephos should be diluted between 3-10% with clean water and the items submerged for between 8-15 minutes. It is important not to use Degrephos at a concentration more than 10% as it may leave white traces in the metal surface which will require rinsing.

When used with high pressure - A solution of between 15-25% should be made within the sprayer tank. It should then be regulated to obtain, at nozzle exit, a concentration between 1-1.2% or a pH 2.9-3.6.

We can supply a titration kit to ensure that the correct concentration is obtained and maintained.

  • Appearance - Colourless liquid
  • Flammability - Non-flammable
  • Reaction - Acid
  • Solubility - Total in water
  • Density - 1.1

What temperature must the water be in a tank?

Degrephos can be used at ambient (cold) temperature so there is no need to heat a tank. If you are planning to use Degrephos in an existing tank that can heat the contents, then the warmer the water the faster Degrephos will work however it is important to reiterate that heated water is not required.

Do I need to do anything to the metal whilst it's in the tank?

The only thing we recommend, is provide some agitation to the water. A small amount of agitation will ensure that the solution reaches all parts of the metal and will help the cleaning process.

What do I do when the metal has been treated?

You don't need to rinse the surface however you should dry the metal as quickly as possible. You must remember that Degrephos will have degreased the surface therefore removed its protective layer of oil, grease and dirt. Whilst the surface will have a new phosphate layer, this is not designed to protect against rust blooming thus it is advised to dry the treated pieces as quickly as possible after treatment.