Prohydrobio 200 - 5 ltrs

Biocide and algicide for water circuits and cooling systems

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PRO-HYDROBIO-200 eliminates and prevents micro-organic species in equipment and applications such as enclosed water circuits and cooling systems which cause, for example, sludge fouling problems, algae and deposits which generate corrosion leading to poor water circulation and thus reducing the thermal exchange.

PRO-HYDROBIO-200 has been developed to solve problems posed by microorganisms in the water of cooling circuits. It is a wide action biocide, algicide, fungicide and bactericide with the advantage of dispersing sludge with no oxidizing action and compatible with corrosion inhibitors. It has no harmful action on an acid base and does not cause a waste issue at recommended doses.


Appearance: Colourless liquid
Water Solubility: Totally soluble
Density: 1.03
pH: Neutral


INITIAL DOSE: 150-200 gr / m3

CONTINUOUS DOSING: With a micro dosing pump, in many cases, a dosage of a few ppm of PRO-HYDROBIO-200 is sufficient to maintain the installations (Method to be determined by our technician).

MANUAL DOSING: Once the initial dose has been established and added, the working concentration should be maintained by dosing periodically to ensure maximum efficiency. The amount of PRO-HYDROBIO-200 required should be equal to 50% of the top-up liquid or, if no top-up is required, then bleed some liquid from the circuit and fill with 50% mix.

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