Totally cleans areas of all traces of paint. For use with both water-based and solvent-based paints.

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PROCLEAN is a specialist paint cleaner, that is excellent at removing solvent and water based paint or lacquer from spraylines, spray guns, spray gun machines and even paint brushes.

PROCLEAN is a neutral water based emulsion, particularly effective for cleaning equipment used in the application of water based paints and varnishes. It is also suitable for cleaning nozzles, spray guns, pumps, circuits and belts in robotic booths etc without damaging any component materials. Proclean can also be used to clean floors, walls, doors, windows of booths. Due to its composition, PROCLEAN can be used with equipment applying both water and solvent based paint, which can traditionally be a problem to clean. It is much more powerful than using pure water followed by thinners and can also reduce VOC usage.

The use of this product avoids clogging of spray guns and their nozzles, so will limit any halts to production, as well as reduce cleaning time. Used pure, it can be used to strip certain dry and solvent based paints and varnishes.

Used diluted between 50% and 90% in normal water, Proclean is very economical. It can be applied manually, with either a brush or gun, and can be added to robotic circuits.

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For the standard cleaning or flushing of spray-lines, either at the end of a shift or between colour changes, the lines should be firstly flushed with water. This will remove the bulk of the paint in the lines but remember that water acts as a 'thinner' so it is not cleaning the paint from the lines but only reduce the volume and thickness. This means that there will always be an amount of the paint left in the pipes or on the gun after washing or flushing with water. After this initial rinsing, simply flush with Proclean until it runs clear.


I don't understand the dilution rates for Proclean

Proclean can be used neat or up to 90% diluted with water. This is quite a spread of dilution rates but that is because Proclean is a very versatile product as it can be used with solvent paints and water-based paints.

For the general cleaning or flushing of paint-lines Proclean can be diluted between 50% (1 part Proclean to 1 part water) and 90% in water (1 part Proclean to 9 parts water). Obviously, the heavier the paint deposit then the stronger the Proclean mix.