Protop 600 Air Input Filtration 20 metre length

F5 classed for highest quality filtration and retention of fine dust with tacky scrim and impregnated fibres. 20-metre roll length.

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The most important filtration within an enclosed spraybooth or preparation area is the filtration of the air ENTERING the booth. This element is quite often forgotten, however filtering the air going into the booth is vital for the quality of the finished item.

This is an absolute must with many types of booth especially spray bake ovens, car bodyshops and the painting of high gloss finishes. This roll is impregnated with a mild tacky coating designed to stop dust particles that may become dislodged due to vibration.

This is the recommended filtration media for all types of balanced booths and especially car bodyshop booths.

  • Product Weight - 600g/m2
  • Arrestance - 98% (DIN24185/BS6540)
  • Nominal Air Volume - 900m3/hour
  • Air Velocity - 0.25m/s
  • Initial Pressure Drop - 45 Pa
  • Final Pressure Drop - 450 Pa
  • Maximum Temperature - 100oC
  • Maximum Humidity - 100%
  • Filter Classification - F5/M5 Grade
  • Dust Holding Capacity - 291g/m2
  • Wash - No
  • Flammability - Class 1 Self Extinguishing

Which way should the Protop be fitted?

You will find that our Protop has a scrim on one side and this side should face into the booth.

Is Protop easy for me to cut to the right size for my booth?

Yes, but make sure to place the Protop on a clean surface before cutting. As it is slightly tacky, Protop will hold any dirt that it comes into contact with so keeping it clean whilst cutting is important. You will be able to cut it with a knife or a quality pair of scissors.

Will Protop fit any booth?

Protop can certainly be fitted to any booth however unless a booth is designed to work with it you may find that your booth will struggle for airflow as Protop is a very high-quality filter. Normally Protop is used in balanced booths or booths with a very high potential airflow. If you can't use Protop then we would suggest using pleated panels or Proprep. If you would like any further information, then please just contact us.