Progiallo 20mtr x 50mm

Impregnated fibreglass filtration roll for the capture and holding of coarse dust particles

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Total £70·99 inc VAT

Our Progiallo filter is a glass fibre filter media designed for filtering and holding coarse dust particles from air extracted from within spray booths or within air conditioning equipment.

The Progiallo booth filter is impregnated with a harmless, clear gel that not only allows for the filtration of extracted air but enables the media to hold the dust particles thus improving the exhausted air quality and reducing dust emissions when changing.

Our standard Profibre rolls are not impregnated therefore do not have the same high paint holding capacity as the Progiallo. The gel also helps to hold the captured dust when the filter is changed which is a definite bonus.

  • Thickness - 60mm
  • Average Weight - 280g/m2
  • Colour Inlet Side - Yellow
  • Colour Exhaust Side - White
  • Gravimetric Efficiency - 89%
  • Intake Air Velocity - 2.5 m/s
  • Initial Pressure Drop - 48Pa
  • Recommended Final Pressure Drop - 250Pa
  • Temperature Resistance - 120oC
  • Paint Holding Capacity - 422 g/m2
  • Fire – Non-combustible

Can I use Progiallo with all types of paint?

You can use Progiallo with solvent-based paints and water-based paints or a mixture of both. The impregnated fibre will hold on to all types of paint particles as well as those from other types of product coatings and coarse dust particles caused during a manufacturing process.

Can I get this Progiallo in any other sizes?

Our standard roll is 1 x 20-metres and is classed as 2" thick. We also supply the rolls in a thickness of 4" and a range of widths starting at 0.5-metres then progressing to 0.75-metres and 1.5-metres but these are only available for orders of 10 rolls or more.

Which side is the front?

With all our fibreglass filtration products there is a back and a front. It may not always be obvious, but it is important that the product is fitted correctly so that you are getting the most efficient and effective filtration. Our specialist Progiallo filter is no different and it is the yellow side that faces into the spray area or where the air is coming from.

The Progiallo is ‘progressively built’ which means that the fibres are closer together the deeper into the filter you go. So, the fibres are closer together at the back of the filter than they are at the front. This is so that the larger overspray particles are held on the front of the filter whilst the smaller particles are held towards the back. If the filter is fitted, back to front, then it will block very quickly.

You have three different types of fibreglass filter. Which is best?

All of the filters are designed for a different purpose so it is a little unfair to ask which is best or to compare them directly however the Progiallo and the Profibre are similar to each other so to compare these two the Progiallo has a higher paint holding capacity and will hold onto dust particles that could be dislodged from the Profibre. Therefore the Progiallo could be seen as being a better product than the Profibre but it does come at a slightly higher price. The Propora has the highest paint holding capacity of all three products and can be used with water based paints but it is not impregnated.