Elasticote AQ

ELASTICOTE AQ - White water based peelable coating for spray booth walls 3 - 6m2 per kg

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ELASTICOTE AQ is a water based peelable coating designed to protect metals, glass, plastics, porcelain etc within the industrial environment. It offers economical and hard-waring protection whilst still being easily removed - simply peel from the surface, even when covered with paint for many months - ideal for spray booth walls.

Elasticote AQ is robust enough for the application of several coats so there is no need to remove the original coat when it starts to become dirty. Simply brush the surface to remove any loose dust and apply a new coat. Many of our customers apply 3-4 coats before removing.

Being water based, its use will dramatically reduce the use of VOCs. It is also extremely flexible and can be removed, together with paint, after several months reducing the need for spray booths maintenance.

  • Dries within 8 hours at 20°C in air
  • Water-based - improved Health & Safety compared to solvent based products
  • Non-flammable so improved Health and Safety
  • Insensitive to organic solvents and water
  • Greatly reduces cleaning time
  • No VOC
  • pH neutral (does not attack ferrous or non-ferrous metals or wood)

Note: This product should not be applied directly on galvanised surfaces which are pitted as it may be difficult to remove. Paint the galvanised surface first or apply a thin coat of our solvent coating first - Elasticote or Elasticote TR - then apply Elasticote AQ.


Apply a thick layer with a traditional spray gun using a large nozzle or using a brush or a roller apply a film which resists lifting at 80-100 microns. If using a spray gun, the product should be diluted with water to a consistency which best suits your preferred method of application but may need more coats for optimal thickness.


The first coat should be applied at approximately 3m2 per kg, subsequent layers will be around 6m2 per kg.

What is the best way to apply Elasticote AQ?

As this is a water-based product it can be applied by either brush, roller or spray. Either way is just as effective, so the method of application really depends upon you and the type of area you are going to apply it to.

How many coats can I apply?

That really depends upon how old the coats are and how much paint is between each of them. We normally recommend 5-6 coats and applying a new one when the surface is dirty rather than leaving it until there is 10mm of paint build-up.

How long does it take for Elasticote AQ to dry?

Again, this rather depends upon how thick the layer is and the temperature. As a guide we would say that it takes around 6-8 hours for the coating to be fully dry. This can be reduced by increasing the temperature however you must be careful not to set it too high otherwise a dry skin could form.

What surfaces can I apply it to?

Almost any type of surface apart from galvanised sheets. Remember that Elasticote AQ can be used to protect a surface from paint overspray such as spray booth walls but can also be used to protect items in storage or in transit as well.