R105 - Wheel Trim and Hub Cap Cleaner - 5 litres

Professional cleaner for removing all types of dirt and staining from vehicle wheel trims and hub caps.

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Each £15·35 exc VAT
Total £15·35 exc VAT
Total £18·42 inc VAT

R105 is a concentrated professional cleaner for renovating and removing dirt, oil, tar, heavy traffic film, general road pollution and break dust from vehicle wheel trims and hub caps.

Can be used on all types of plastic, steel, aluminium and painted wheels.

R105 is a strong alkaline cleaning product and we recommend that you wear gloves and glasses when using.

For very heavy cleaning - We recommend spraying R105 neat onto the surface and allowing to act for 5-10 minutes. Manual brushing should not be necessary during this time. When ready, rinse with clean water. If you are able to rinse with a high pressure hose then this may reduce cleaning time.

General cleaning - Dilute R105 50% with clean water and spray onto the surface, leaving to act for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

Which is the best sprayer to apply R105?

As this is a strong alkaline cleaning product we would recommend using a sprayer that is designed to handle alkaline solutions. For R105 we would recommend our hand alkaline Cleaner sprayer.