System Descale and Biocide

Descaled Pipes

The Detartrol range of descaling products, for industrial water, encompasses solutions to descale and clean installations including spray booths and degreasing tunnels.

Wet spray booths:

Paint build-up is a major cause of spray booth pump failure, reduced water flow and blocked nozzles and pipes. All of these result in a financial cost, in either the replacement of broken parts or lost production through cleaning and often both. Whilst our denaturants will maintain the booth and keep paint soft to avoid this issue, it is preferable to use Detartrol treatment so that the booth is clean before starting.

Degreasing tunnels and tanks: Clean oil deposits from the storage tanks, from within pipes, nozzles and tunnel walls. Disolve limescale from these areas as well as from heating elements which will save you money.

Other water installations:

Our products can be used in many different installations around the factory and home. Please just contact us for further technical information by calling us or send a message via our CONTACT US page.

Detartrol - 10kg

Spraybooth cleaning, limescale removal and hard paint removal. Choice of container size available.

Detartrol NM - 20kg

Non-foaming descaler for wet spray booths, cooling & heating circuits

Detartrol TS

Scale and oil removal for degreasing tanks and systems. Choice of container size available.

Detartrol 200 - 10 Litres

Descale & stain remover for steel, stainless (inox), copper and aluminium.Choice of container size available.

Prohydro DTR 200 - 5 litres

Powerful descaler for all metals, cooling systems and conditioning units

Probio Biocide

Eliminate bacteria from all types of water installations.

Prohydrobio 200 - 5 ltrs

Biocide and algicide for water circuits and cooling systems