Cleaner Range

Compression sprayer with plastic tank and an optional foaming nozzle for different applications - EPDM seals are suitable for neutral solutions and alkaline solutions such as cleaners for longer durability.

Filling contents:                        5l       10 l
Total contents:                          8l      12.5 l
Operating pressure:                3 bar (44 psi)
Weight when empty:            2.6kg    2.9 kg
Device description:

• Tank: Plastic, with large pressure reservoir
• Carried at the side
• Seals: EPDM
• Nozzle: Plastic flat jet nozzle
• Spray wand: Plastic 50 cm, 360° rotatable
• Hose: 2.0 m (6.56 ft)
• Ergonomically formed shut-off valve with fine filter

Special features of the product:
• Professional pump
• Large filling funnel
• With specially coated spring
• Application: pH 7 - 14

Accessories available:

Plastic Foam Nozzle, Narrow Full Cone
Plastic extension lance 45cm
Padded back carrying straps
Transport cart trolley


Hose 2.0 m
Material polyethylene
Maximum Operating Pressure 3 bar (44 psi)
Net weight 2.9 Kg
Nozzle Plastic flat jet nozzle
Seals EPDM
Total capacity 12.5L

Cleaner Compression Sprayer (EPDM) - Neutral - Alkaline

Versatile compression sprayer - specially designed for alkaline and neutral solutions with foaming option - 5, 10 litres

  • Brand: Mesto Sprayers
  • Product Code: AM:SP:UN-1263-0001
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  • £79.00

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