Wet Spraybooth Sludge Removal

Mid Water

Our PROCO range of spray booth chemicals allows for the easy removal of ALL paint sludge and paint deposits from your water system.

Proco can effectively remove paint and sludge from the following plant and equipment;

  • Spray booth pipework
  • Pumps
  • Nozzles
  • Water Holding Tanks
  • Baffle Plates

Waste water treatment should be simple and cost efficient. The easy removal of paint waste from your spray booth has many advantages for you and your booth, including reducing cleaning time, production downtime and pipe or nozzel blockages.

Our PROCO range of water treatment chemicals provides you with an easy and quick solution to your wastewater treatment requirements. Our products will also improve the efficiency of your spray booth and the quality of your work area.

Our Proco range includes chemicals that can separate paint particles from the booth water and ensure that this separated paint, lacquer, glue or any other type of coating is 'non-sticky'. The benefit of this is that it prevents any blockages within equipment in the booth such as in nozzles, pipes and, most importantly, the pump. This reduces booth maintenance and helps the system to run as designed. When required, these paint particles can easily be skimmed manually or automatically using our filtration equipment. The frequency of water changes will be greatly reduced and in a majority of cases totally eliminated.

The benefits of running our products within your system are numerous, but here are just a few:

  • ALL of the paint removed from your system.
  • No more water disposal costs.
  • Greatly reduces production downtime.
  • Includes BIOCIDE that treats against waterbourne infections.
  • Greatly reduces cleaning costs.
  • Maintains valuable equipment.
  • Ensures booths are working to full capacity.
  • Supports a better quality spray finish.
  • Improved H&S within the spraying area.
  • All types of paint or other coatings treated.
  • Proco range designed for easy and complete mixing.

Liquid coagulant for industrial spray booth water

Proco 301

Coagulant for water-based paint and glues.


Professional flocculant for all types of waste water

Proco 415P 25 kg

Watewater treatment chemical - PROCO 415P 25kg

Proco 410P 25kg

Paint removal system for all types of water-based industrial waste

Probio Biocide 10-litres

Eliminate bacteria from all types of industrial and professional water installations.

Promousse Anti Foam 10 litres

Anti-Foam liquid for industrial waters

Pro pH regulator - 10 litres

Increases or decreases the pH of water. Suitable for waste water treatment.