Compression Sprayers

Compression Sprayers

Compression sprayers have a smaller capacity with a pump on the top.  Cost effective, they suit most requirements with features to include domestic, heavy duty professional and specialist use.

Choice depends on capacity, features and the pH of the solution to be sprayed. If your requirements are for more specialised use, then please have a look at our specialist sprayers range

We have a website dedicated to cleaning and maintenance with our range of moss and weedkillers including the well known Baticlean CR mosskiller along with sprayers and equipment at

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Compression IK Multi Foaming Sprayer - 5-litre

5 litre IK multi chemical resistant compression sprayer - ideal for both specialist & home use where foaming of the product is a requirement.


Chemical Sprayer - Maxima Compression Sprayer 5 litre

Maxima Compression Sprayer - 5 litre

5 litre working capacity tank and a 2.5 meter recoil hose that combines excellent reach with ease of use


Chemical Sprayer - Compression Sprayer 1.5 litre

Compression Sprayer - 1.5 litre Foamer

Quality 1.5 litre compression sprayer


IK Food Sprayer 1.5 - 1 litre

IK Food Sprayer 1.5 - 1 litre

The IK Food 1.5 sprayer is specifically manufactured with materials designed to be fully compatible with all types of food and withstand temperatures of up to 60ºC.


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