The Polmax 9 litre knapsack duster sprayer unit is designed for the application of powder and dust products, such as for pest control.

It is simple to operate through the pump handle and bellows.  It includes a dosage regulator and agitation device for an even flow.

An extension tube is supplied.


  • Sealed clipped down lid
  • Adjustable straps
  • Capacity 9 Ltrs or 3kgs approx
  • Unladen weight 3kgs approx
  • Wide Filling Mouth
  • Includes 1 x Flexible Tube and 2 x Rigid Plastic Tubes
  • Single effect bellows system
  • Double adjustment (open - close and dose)

Polmax Dust and Powder Spray Applicator 9 litre

The Polmax is  a knapsack sprayer applicator for powder and dust products such as for pest control. 

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