Rechargeable electric adaptor.  Allows your compression sprayer to be used as either electric or standard compression.

This rechargeable, battery powered adaptor can eliminate the need to 'continually' pump your compression sprayer to maintain a constant and steady spray pattern with just the press on a button.  This makes the spraying of large areas such as tennis courts, driveways, car parks, lawns and trees much easier and quicker.

Easy+ Electric Adaptor

  • 4 x rechargeable batteries
  • Plug & power leads
  • Electric adaptor unit
  • East to follow instructions
  • Two year guarantee
  • CE certificate

Compression Sprayer Conversion - Easy +

Convert your standard compression sprayer into an electric compression sprayer with this simple adaptor. 

Suitable with all of our compression sprayers above 4 litres capacity.

  • £40.79

All prices are quoted net of VAT

Mendy 7 Compression Sprayer

Mendy 7 Compression Sprayer

Our Mendy 7 sprayer has a 5 litre maximum capacity and is ideal for use in both the home & garde..