Sprayers and Parts

Sprayers and Parts

Our range of professional, robust sprayers are specifically selected for quality, reliability and ease of use in both industrial and domestic environments. Sprayer choice depends on solutions to be sprayed (eg solvents, hydrocarbons, acids and alkalis) as well as spray pressure, materials and features.  

Compression sprayers are most suited for use on smaller areas as they require some manual involvement but they are cost effective and suitable for many applications.  Knapsack sprayers are ideal for larger and difficult to reach areas as they can be worn on the back and operated with one hand. Electric compression and knapsack sprayers come with a rechargeable battery requiring no manual pumping at all. Small 1 litre sprayers are great for portability around the home or at multiple bases around a unit.

We supply accessories and spares for example: Telescopic lances with a long reach such as for roofs. Nozzles to give flexibility of spraying angle and spray pattern. Hoods to direct the spray to the target area. Cleaners for sprayers to protect, and reuse your equipment for different chemicals.   Please feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions or cannot see what you need.

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Compression Sprayers
Compression sprayers have a smaller capacity with a pump on the top.  Cost ..
Knapsack Sprayers
Knapsack sprayers or backpack sprayers are ideal for operators who wish to have ..
Hand Pressure Sprayers
These smaller pressure sprayers can be used by hand manually, ideal for smaller ..
Specialist Sprayers
Specialised use includes acid and alkaline solutions, as well as food, farming a..
Extension lances come in a range of lengths, features and materials. Telescopic ..
Sprayer Spares and Nozzles
Spare parts, nozzles, and adaptors for our range of sprayers.  We have..
Sprayer accessories to enhance performance include hoods and directional tubes t..

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Philips rechargeable C batteries

Spare rechargeable C batteries for Electric Compression Garden Sprayer-Easy+

4 x Rechargeable C type 3000 mAh batteries for the electric compression sprayer Easy +


Mesto Garden Essential Nozzle and Spares Set

Mesto Garden Essential Nozzle and Spares Set

This is a set of useful spares for the Mesto garden and agriculture range of sprayers such as Flori, RS125 and RS185


Mesto Essential Nozzle and Spares Kit for Pro Range 3941VL

Mesto Essential Nozzle and Spares Kit for Pro Range 3941VL

Mesto Essential Nozzle and Spares Kit for the professional range of sprayers such as the Ferrox Plus and Profi Plus. 3941VL


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