• Proco SP 310P 10 kg

Waste water treatment coagulant powder - PROCO SP 310P 10kg

Mineral Coagulant for Residual, Surface Treatment and Spray Booth Water in Powder Form

Proco SP 310 P is a powder coagulant for the treatment of water in paint and varnish spray booths and tunnels. Its composition is suited to both solvent and water based solutions. It binds pigments (overspray) of paint and varnish so avoiding the blockage of the installation.  To obtain a perfect separation at the surface and extraction of overspray, add SP 300 P diluted or Proflo. Proco SP 310P prolongs the lifespan of tanks, reduces water change frequency and deodorises the water.

SP 310 P is a highly charged cationic mineral coagulant. In a water based solution, it is slightly acidic.  In flocculated state, the solid matter can be separated quickly and completely from water.

-    Sewage plant ;
-    Stone industry ;
-    Wood industry ;
-    Surface treatment industry ;
-    Mechanical industry.

The coagulant powder is used at a rate of 120 grams per litre and once diluted, then added at approximately 0.5 to 1.2% to the initial tank water volume so is extremely efficient and cost effective.
Ongoing dose is advised by our technicians.
For water treatment, we recommend 1% at the creation of a tank which will obtain satisfactory COD and BOD5 results.

Proco SP 310P 10 kg

Waste water treatment coagulant powder - PROCO SP 310P 10kg
Effective coagulation at lower concentrations in wate

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